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The Brothers Grimm 2005 - USED

The Brothers Grimm 2005 - USED

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In 1811 French-occupied Germany, brothers Wilhelm (Will) and Jakob (Jake) Grimm are famed monster-hunters with a strained relationship stemming from Jake's naive selling of their family's cow as a child in exchange for "magic beans" rather than selling it for money to pay for medicine for their sick sister (leading to her death). Arriving in Karlstadt, they are hired to rid the town of a witch's ghost, which they “kill” in an elaborate battle. In actuality, the Grimms are con artists who exploit Jake's knowledge of local legends; with actors Hidlick and Bunst, they fabricate monsters to defeat for a price. Celebrating at an inn, the brothers are captured by Italian torturer Cavaldi and brought to French General Delatombe. In exchange for amnesty for their crimes, Delatombe tasks the brothers to solve the disappearance of several girls in Marbaden, believing charlatans like them are responsible.

In Marbaden, a huntress named Angelika whose younger sisters were the first to be taken following the disappearance of their father, leads the brothers, Cavaldi, and his men to a tower in the woods. She recalls her father's story of the Thuringian Queen: Long ago, the Christian king of the region built a city in the forest, slaughtering the pagan locals; when the bubonic plague came, his vain queen sealed herself in the tower, only to catch the plague and lose her beauty. Jake's horse is cursed by a mysterious huntsman, and brutally swallows a girl named Elsie whole when they return to town. Pursuing the horse into the forest, they are attacked by a giant wolf which seems to recognize Angelika and by the forest itself; Cavaldi's men are killed. Cavaldi brings Angelika and the Grimms to Delatombe, who orders their execution. In desperation, the brothers convince Delatombe that the magic in the forest is actually German rebels.

They are sent back to Marbaden with Hidlick and Bunst, where Cavaldi holds Angelika hostage. As Jake scales the tower, Hidlick and Bunst flee back to town, where a girl named Sasha is turned into a gingerbread man made of dirt and jumps into a well. Inside the tower, Jake discovers the queen alive, mummified in her bed; in a mirror, the queen's young reflection attempts to seduce him. Sasha's body surfaces outside the tower, where the wolf transforms into a huntsman. Placing Sasha in one of the tower's twelve crypts, the huntsman attacks Will when he tries to rescue her. Jake leaps from the tower with the aid of the queen's long hair, landing on the huntsman and escapes with Will, the unconscious Sasha and the huntsman's magic axe.

The brothers realize the extent of the queen's curse: Taking black magic from the pagans slaughtered by the king, she cast a spell granting herself eternal life, though not eternal youth. Rotting in her tower for centuries, she sent her werewolf huntsman to steal twelve young girls to regain her beauty and youth; Sasha was to be the twelfth. The Grimms try to warn the villagers, but Delatombe and his troops arrive. Having interrogated and beheaded Hidlick and Bunst, Delatombe orders the forest burned, along with the Grimms. As the soldiers set fire to the forest, Angelika rescues the brothers, but the huntsman – revealed to be her father under the queen's curse – drowns Angelika as the queen's twelfth victim.

The queen extinguishes the forest fire with her breath, and the brothers are confronted by Cavaldi, Delatombe, and his manservant. Cavaldi refuses to kill the Grimms and is shot by Delatombe. Jake kills the manservant with the magic axe, and Will impales Delatombe with his own flagpole. The brothers reach the top of the tower, but the queen's enchanted daggers force Jake to stab Will. The huntsman gives the queen blood of the twelve victims to drink, restoring her youth. She releases the huntsman from her thrall, which slowly starts to kill him, and bewitches Will as her new servant. Jake breaks the mirror, shattering the queen's curse and her body. Regaining his memory, the huntsman avenges Angelika by leaping out of the tower with the mirror's final shard, and the bewitched Will jumps with him. The mirror is destroyed upon landing, killing the queen.

Jake is saved by the queen's many mattresses while Cavaldi, having survived Delatombe's bullet with the aid of the Brothers supposedly fake magic armour, tells Jake that the curse can be lifted with a kiss of true love. He wakens Angelika with the kiss, and the eleven girls and Will are revived. As the villagers celebrate, the Grimms discuss pursuing a new profession – presumably writing fairy tales – while a crow carries away a mirror shard of the queen's eye. 


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