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Red Dragon Director's Edition 2003 - USED

Red Dragon Director's Edition 2003 - USED

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In 1980, FBI agent Will Graham visits forensic psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter to discuss a case. Graham has been working with Lecter on a psychological profile of a serial killer who removes edible body parts from his victims; Graham says he has realized the killer is a cannibal. Realizing Graham is close to discovering he is the killer, Lecter stabs him, but Graham fights back, stabbing and shooting Lecter before they both fall unconscious. Lecter is imprisoned in an institution for the criminally insane, and Graham, traumatized, retires to Florida with his family.

Years later, another serial killer, nicknamed the Tooth Fairy, has killed two families during full moons. With another full moon approaching, special agent Jack Crawford persuades Graham to help develop the killer's profile. After visiting the crime scenes and speaking with Crawford, Graham concludes that he must consult Lecter. Lecter taunts Graham, but agrees to help.

The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun, ca. 1803–1805 Brooklyn Museum
The Tooth Fairy is Francis Dolarhyde, who kills at the behest of his alternate personality he calls the Great Red Dragon. He is obsessed with the William Blake painting The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun, and has the painting tattooed on his back. He believes that each victim brings him closer to becoming the Dragon. His psychopathology was born from the abuse he suffered as a child at the hands of his grandmother.

Freddy Lounds, a tabloid reporter for the National Tattler who hounded Graham after Lecter's capture, follows Graham again for leads on the Tooth Fairy. A letter from the Tooth Fairy is discovered hidden in Lecter's cell. The letter expresses admiration for Lecter and an interest in Graham, and suggests Lecter reply through the personals section of the Tattler. Lecter responds with Graham's home address, forcing his wife Molly and son Josh to relocate.

Hoping to lure out the Tooth Fairy, Graham gives Lounds an interview in which he disparages the killer as an impotent homosexual. This provokes Dolarhyde, who kidnaps Lounds and glues him to an antique wheelchair. Dolarhyde forces Lounds to recant his allegations on tape, then bites off his lips and then sets him on fire outside the Tattler offices. At his job in a St. Louis photo lab, Dolarhyde gives Reba McClane, a blind co-worker, a ride to her home and they begin a relationship. However, his alternate personality demands that he kill her. Desperate to stop the Dragon's control over him, Dolarhyde goes to the Brooklyn Museum, tears apart the Blake painting, and eats it.

Graham realises that the Tooth Fairy knew the layout of his victims' houses from their home videos. He deduces that he works for the company that edits the home movies and transfers them to video. He visits the company processing plant to ask for information, and is spotted by Dolarhyde as he returns from Brooklyn.

Dolarhyde goes to Reba's house. She has spent the evening with a co-worker, Ralph Mandy. Dolarhyde kills Ralph, kidnaps Reba, takes her to his house, and sets it on fire. Unable to shoot her, Dolarhyde apparently shoots himself. Reba escapes as the police arrive. Dolarhyde, having used Ralph's corpse to stage his death, infiltrates Graham's home in Florida. He holds Josh hostage, threatening to kill him. To save Josh, Graham shouts insults at him, reminding Dolarhyde of his grandmother's abuse. Enraged, Dolarhyde attacks Graham. Both are severely wounded in a shootout, which ends when Molly kills Dolarhyde.

Graham survives and receives a letter from Lecter praising his work and bidding him well. Lecter's jailer, Dr. Frederick Chilton, tells him that he has a visitor, a young woman from the FBI. 


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