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Maybelline Pressed Shimmer Powder - Rosey Twinkle

Maybelline Pressed Shimmer Powder - Rosey Twinkle

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen need no introduction. They’ve proven themselves as legitimate fashion designers in every circle imaginable, their risk-taking fashion sense has been well-documented by relentless paparazzi photos, and we all know they landed roles on Full House long before they could walk. But in spite of all that, their beauty routine has been kept...relatively quiet?
We had the opportunity to sit down with Mary-Kate and Ashley to talk about all things beauty, from their fragrances to their best beauty moments. 

How does one prepare for an interview with the Olsens? After geeking out for longer than we’d like to admit, a few of our editors gathered and came up with our most burning beauty questions for the pair. These queries were, of course, mostly about their perfectly textured hair, beauty inspirations, and favorite cosmetics.


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