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Collection: Academy Plastic Models 1/200 Scale Model Kits

Building Quality & Realistic Models Since 1969


Introducing Academy Plastic Models - Manufacturing Various Toy Products
Academy was established on September 1, 1969, and has been producing plastic model kits for 41 years.  Academy now also manufactures several character toys and educational kits that enable users to learn by building and operating model toys, understanding the real structure of the toys. 
Academy is known for its technology in manufacturing toys of all variety including plastic models and educational kits based on the technology of mold production and injection. Academy is also acknowledged for a wide range of know-how in product design and production capacity.  Academy is already a domestic leader supported by product quality and price competitiveness, and it is proud to be ranked in the top 5 globally exporting worldwide under its trademark "ACADEMY". 
Academy plays a big role in encouraging the general public interest and attention, continuously developing and supplying a wide range of products including educational kits, R/C Cars and Boats.  In this way, Academy can cope well with rapidly progressing international trends, consolidate research and development through technological science and diplomacy.

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  • Trumpeter 1/200 Scale U.S.S. Enterprise CV-6 TRU03712
    Trumpeter 1/200 Scale  U.S.S. Enterprise CV-6 TRU03712
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